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If at the beginning of this year I argued that I want this year to be in a position to improve my trainer and public speaking skills, there came also an opportunity to fulfill my desire.

Last month I received an email from a teacher who asked me if I would be interested in teaching a course and to be a substitute teacher at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University for 2 days. My first reaction was panic

I already pictured me in front of 30 students who ask questions and who I can not respond.  Or what if a room full of students who ignores me completely, turning my course into chaos. After a few minutes I calmed down and I thought this is my chance to improve the quality of my public speaking. After about 20 minutes I answered to the email and I accepted the invitation with great pleasure and set up an appointment.
I had to conduct two seminars on Monday and two seminars + 1 course on Tuesday. My theme was International Management.

It was an interesting experience, helped me know myself better and find answers to some questions. It was really tiring to stand 4 hours / day on heels,  to keep a perfect attitude and have exemplary behavior. It helped me know myself better because I had some situations where I did not know how to reac or overreact to certain approaches to find a solution to avoid awkward moments. I found the answer to the question: “Why young teachers are not smiling and not responding to student jokes?”… because it can be a weakness, and you feel like you need to impose to the public through reliability and toughness. That was also what I did and I was wrong. Perhaps those who are in front of you tend to listen to you, to avoid a conflict or a direct approach but on long term I think it’s not good for the student – teacher relationship.

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