Revolutionary mobile apps




It’s pretty hard to find some time to write down some thoughts. I’m a little bit tired now because I slept only 3 hours last night.

I have 3 days since I want to find a mobile app idea. What does the universe need but doesn’t have it already? What should be ? I don’t wanna see more Social Media apps. No, no. Neither something for traffic and flirt. No. Must be something useful for most of us. 

E.g. I don’t cook. For me will be great to have an app where to find people near me how will want to cook what I like. Let’s say, after a long day at the office, returning home I stop to that person and bring a delicious dinner. Ok, the idea is good but has some weaknesses. What if nobody wants to cook in that day? What if the dinner is bad cooked ? What if I get sick after I eat something cooked by a stranger? No, it’s not a good idea. I know it.

If you had the power to create a great mobile app, which was that? What may you use daily,  to be interesting, helpful and on your mobile? Leave a comm with your ideas.




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