My Valedictorian title at MBA

We’re in September. September for me should be a bit cooler. Still, I like it as it is even if outside is very hot. Usually in September I feel like has already passed the year and we start preparations for winter vacation, with the thought of snow, Christmas tree and gifts. 

I have completed my Master studies as with the Valedictorian title. Honestly, it does not mean anything to me for this “title”. Maybe I only enjoy it after 3 years in which I paid at the University 1000 dollars per year (Bachelor degree studies), so I recovered some of my money, obtaining the merit scholarship for 2 years in a row. I still believe that education in Romania is on the ground, teachers are very poorly paid and we go through school like the winds through the polluted cities. I say “the winds through the polluted cities” because it passes over there, feels a little but does not move anything. Thinking remains the same, the teenagers are the same, the future does not change, maybe, there is only someone with some information that seemed interesting or liked what the teacher teaches.

The Promotion “I Have a MBA” is the promotion of the students for about 3-4 years and is full of the students from the years with “I got my Bachelor degree” segment. By 2008, all my high school colleagues went to college/university. We have been all students. I have chosen what I liked, to work for hours without running away: Marketing. 80% of those we ask, “What are you doing? Why did you choose this faculty?” , Their answer was: “Do a college, what did you want to stay at home?” If you ask some teenager why he/she studies or get the Bachelor degree, they will answer: “Did you want me to stay at home?”
This is how you spent 3 years for a Bachelor degree and after that you start “I Have a MBA”. How? Simple. By the third year of the university studies, all teachers encourage you to take the MBA. It is a shame not to continue, but it is nice to be still a student, that there is a higher chance to be hiring. I did not believe all this and that’s why I did not go to the Master just after I finished my license. I always want to be against the flock. I spent two years “on the tussle”, I was hired, I worked, I interacted for the first time with the life of corporate employee.  After all this experience, I decided to to be part of the “I have a MBA” promotion as well. Look, I am, and not however, but with Valedictorian title.

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