My first Business card

At university, at the HRD course, these days we must demonstrate our ‘trainer’ qualities. We choose something that we are very good/skilled and after, we must present it to our colleagues. The important thing is that in the end, to test if what I presented was well understood and to analyze results.

I chose to present: How to create your Business Card. Because I recently attended a course on Personal Branding, I thought it will be nice if I will present to my colleagues what I learned there, indeed, also to show them how to put that personal brand on a piece of personalized cardboard, who then will be used to present ourselves in a professionally way.

I made a sketch. I present free, no sheets, no notes. I will only use a video projector, a power point presentation, and small empty business cards, prepared for the practical test, for my colleagues. I want to present a small theoretical part (historical, technical information, implementation tools) and some creative: rules to follow, predefined patterns, the practical test.

Why I chose this presentation? The Personal Branding course made me think about this. Right after I left there I tried to answer my own questions. What am I? What I want to become? What talents do I have? And if I answered my questions, I want also my colleagues to ask themselves. More and more students have a master degree and finally, don’t have a job. I think the reason is: they don’t know what to look for. They have talents, they have passions and dreams, have qualities, but remain limited to that.

” I finished management accounting . I’ve Had very high marks in college. I love to traveling and the parties. I haven’t found any job from field where I graduated. Currently I’m a salesman with 2 years experience and I’m satisfied. I love what I do.”

This is an example of someone who thought outside the box or had an open mind. Before you choose a domain, a job or a department examines yourself! Write on a sheet about you: your passions, talents, values and motivations. Analyze what you wrote and outlines the domain where you find a larger part of them. Identify yourself with a department, a function or a role in a company. Focus on what you know and what you do the best. Your brand is the perception of those around you about you. Highlights your competencies. Make a list with your best results. Set your target audience. Communicate constantly to everybody.

From here we continue with the business card. Isn’t necessarily you to be part of a company for having a business card. Isn’t necessary to associate your name with a logo or other brand. Your name must be itself a brand. Your personal brand represents you anywhere. In a future article, I will revert with details about my role as a trainer in front of colleagues and I will present the topic: How to create your own business card.

Have a Choco-Day !

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