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There are many ideas that gives me headaches and here, on my virtual page, I want to ” write ” with a megabytes-pen, my thoughts , ideas, and experiences through which I take decisions. Who knows, maybe people are just as ambitious as me and we will meet each other.

In addition to this personal blog , I have a few other blogs, on various topics. The oldest of them is my dog’s blog. You can visit the blog by clicking here. I have written over time various tips for caring a Shih Tzu dog and also I confess my dog adventures. Next is my blog about online shopping and technology. You can see it here. I was too busy to post some articles there, in the last period but I promise I will return with new posts. Also, I have a small website about marketing. You can visit my website by clicking here. As I said in the previous post , I am an entry-level copywriter & social media coordinator. I try to get me involved in as many projects, especially from abroad. Amounts are informative and each project has its individual parts and the amounts vary. So far I’ve done the content for a few websites, but also I did some research projects on various topics for clients from abroad.

My next blog at whom I’m working on now and I hope to launch it by the end of the year, is more attractive, relaxing and does not involve much work. This blog will contain tips and ideas for organizing events, family parties, etc.. I do not have a great experience like a party planner, I’m not a passionate of outputs in clubs and noisy places, but for a while I want to get indecorative-heart-12447463 this field. I want to share my ideas and help people to organize more easily their unique moments. If I was to interview right now , the discussion would flow like this:

Employer : What do you have for a event planner position?

I : Creativity, ambition and … I wish to make me friends.

Employer : So how do people to be your friends at a party ?

I: Are you with them , give them advices and … help them to organize a huge party , to never forget that moment . That good times will always remembered about you. 🙂

Have a Choco-Day !

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