Influencer Marketing remains a priority in 2018

Social media is moving with high speed and looks like Influencer marketing will still be a top strategy also next year. I experienced both roles. I worked as a influencer and reaching influencers for brands.

Knowing both parts, I discovered …that the most important thing is to create a good strategy for the brand and also for the influencer and be real. Don’t pay for fake reviews! Don’t collaborate for posts which are only ads!

Brand working with Influencer

Let’s analyze why a company takes this channel as a good strategy for the brand. First of all a brand needs awareness. In the second place must boost the word-of-mouth and lack of content is always a continuing problem. At the beginning all your ideas are fresh, you have a lot of things to say about your product and you have a good budget for marketing. After that you need new content, more powerful message and better images. Online platforms are a good start for your influencers outreach. Websites like Famebit, RewardStyleInfluenster, Glambssador etc. I worked with all those platforms and all are good for any business. Famebit and RewardStyle are definitely my favs because there I can contact influencers, see statistics about each profile, I can set my budget per campaign and also I can easy follow the content which they publish.

In 2018 try to collaborate with influencers which are interested to deliver long-term content, regular posts, short Facebook videos and Instagram stories.

  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t pay $$$ for 1 big influencer which has a lot of collaborations in portfolio. Contact small users (with 2k-10k followers). Remember if a bigger influencer has a larger audience, this isn’t a rule for a larger impact and bigger ROI.
  • Focus more on visual. Ask for high-quality images, lifestyle pattern and authentic environment.
  • Reward the creativity. Don’t use the same type of wording and don’t ask for the same “vlogger” style: me + product + smile + fancy background on behind.
  • Find your own influencers. Simple browse thru Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and choose the profiles which can be a good fit.
  • Don’t look after numbers. Try to see what is behind the numbers. Don’t choose an influencer only because has 50k followers and 5k comments at each post. If 50% of his followers are bots and all the comments are only emoji’s .. SKIP.
Influencer sponsored by brands

Having a good social media profile is not easy. Having a good social media profile with real followers is very hard. I experience this on my own profiles also. The numbers are up and down. The golden rule is : be real, be consistent and don’t lie about the results. If you don’t like a product, reject the collaboration or send the product back. Don’t use that fake smile and nice words just to convince your followers. That being said, you must pay attention to what you publish on your pages and choose who you tag. Having a good content also means that you need original context and good photos. Don’t copy others and don’t use the same clichéique hashtags.

Here are few samples of Instagrammers which I love and have a really clean and professional style.










In 2018 all influencers must focus on visual, on long-term collaborations and videos but don’t forget about the style. Create your own style, your pattern and take any collaboration in a particular way. Post daily but don’t be boring. Come up with something new or creative content.


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