I’m inlove with Social Media and Marketing


I’m in love with Social Media and Marketing.

Yes, I like online environment and every online task. I like when I buy something of good quality and I recommend to others, I like when I find a cute online store and I visit often to see what new products has, I like when I eat in a nice place then I tell my friends to go there. I like to promote, talk about pleasant experiences and share it with others. I like creating stories about places, getting attached to objects, the taste of all that gives me life and plan the success.
Early, in my college years I knew that my creativity and the pleasure of telling a story will make me a good storyteller and a good marketing specialist.
I promote only what I like, I will tell only true stories and about things made with love and soul.
I love bake, cook sweets, read about cakes recipes, taste and combine sweet tastes, show the world different cakes models and I recommend everything is good taste. Consequently, I love promote bakeries, cake shops and dessert specialists. I strongly believe that all people should try the most special sweets and, at least once in life, should taste sweets cooked by renowned specialists in cookies. The art to cook best sweets, best muffins, best cake is an art to play with taste and make people happy with love, sugar and magic colors.
About fashion, I’m not a person who aims to be fashionable but I really like to see people dressed well, admire the various outfits, combine clothes, appreciate fashion and good taste. Fashion is elegant in style, comfort with warm and unique essence of texture and color quality. I love to promote clothing stores, handbags stores, accessories stores and fashion designers because I believe that each man fits with a certain style and that style can be found only by testing and tracking the diversity of others.
I find myself in these areas and promote them with pleasure, soul and I get involved in their success. I create and maintain community commitment and I strongly believe that you can convince only if you really feel and believe in what you tell, in what you sell and in what you promote. Therefore I only promote businesses in which I truly believe and which I found that I can help to become a strong brand on the market.
I love to learn and grow with each new experience, each new business that I promote, with every new collaboration that I start and I love to work only with beautiful strong people, intelligent and optimistic.

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