How to brand yourself

Personal-Branding-BrandPersonal Brand refers to the way other people see you and how better you brand yourself.

More and more students have a master degree and at the final, they don’t have a job. I think the reason is: they don’t know what to look for. They have talents, they have passions and dreams, have qualities, but remain limited to that.

There are two types of personal brands:

1.) The personal brand created by your character, work, and reputation, and;

2.) The personal brand contrived to make up for a lack of the aforementioned items.

The former is a personal brand that is authentic, sustainable, and valuable, while the latter is just hype and spin that will eventually get lost in the noise and be seen for what it is formed over substance. The bottom line is that personal brands can not only co-exist quite nicely with corporate brands, but they can add significant value to them. Regardless of how you feel about the following list of individuals, you must agree that they have done a remarkable job of building a personal brand which has often times resulted in the creation of modern day empires. Think of  Oprah W., Donald Trump, Bill Gates, M. Dell or Steve Jobs, and you’ll quickly see just how powerful a strong personal brand can be.

Before you choose a domain, a job or a department, examine yourself! Write on a sheet about you: your passions, talents, values and motivations. Analyze what you wrote and outlines the domain where you find a larger part of them. Identify yourself with a department, a function or a role in a company. Focus on what you know and what you do the best. Your brand is the perception of those around you about you. Highlight your competencies. Make a list with your best results. Set your target audience. Communicate constantly to everybody.

Your name must be itself a brand. Your personal brand represents you anywhere!

Have a Choco-Day !

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