Candies to boost your Start on Social Media

social media tips
Let’s talk a little bit about social media for Startups. Ok, you are at the beginning. You just started your business and already you are over-budget. You have the website ready, your product is waiting to meet your clients, you have a logo and a name but you need a Brand. How will you get to it? How long will take till your start-up will be a brand? What steps you must take to be sure you will not go on a wrong way? Here are few important steps you must follow like candies.

1. Set up correctly your Social Media pages.

It’s a true-known that each niche has a right social media networks where you find quicker the customer BUT you don’t know which one it is till you don’t start digging and posting on all.
Start with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. First 3 are VIP – very important “places” for you to present your product. Make a good cover and a profile picture and use it on every channel.

2. High-quality images with YOUR PRODUCT.

Don’t use same images which you can find all over the internet, on dozens of Facebook pages. Use images with your product and how it looks in real life. Lifestyle images are a good way to start because you can create a story and a image for what will be a Brand. Can be expensive if you hire a third company to find models and provide you digital content. Take your best friend, 2-3 products, go to the beach or in a restaurant and do a short style photo shooting. All must look real, natural and professional.

3. Publish content constantly.

Don’t skip days without at least 1 post. Because you are at the beginning, you can start with 1 post per day, go with 2 if you have good information to share. Use platforms like Hootsuite or Tailwind to schedule your content. Also keep an eye over the most important events during that month because you can use best hashtags to reach higher audience.

4. Images, collages, photos.

In my contry I have a quote which say: Do it but do it with head. If you want to post daily and have good content, use also good images. You can create your own images with few photo skills and your smartphone or buy some photos for 123rf. Keep a linear template for all the posts and describe with few but powerful words. Use your creativity and post the best visual content.

5. Don’t promote, just double-quote.

What does that mean? Don’t use in each post the same words like: Shop now, Buy now, Order now, Our product, Buy this, Buy that.. All this will make the audience go over your post and see you like an annoying company. Double-quoting can be used like you talk about something general (but always related with your niche), use a quote or a cliche description with hint words related with your product.

6. Always give something back.

Till now you have 3P’s and you still need 1. You have all set for: Product, Price, Placement, but what about Promotion? Because you are a new entry on the market place, you must know very well who is your audience and have something good to give them to boost the confidence and friendship. Ok, the real friendship doesn’t count on money but on the business world, you must give something to receive something back. And you must give some more, to receive better. Use a promo code for first orders or a secret gift or do a Giveaway on all social media networks.

All these are only a small part of the biggest journey. You must pay attention to each step because the result will reflect on your business success or failure.

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