Biggest Questions after Social Media



The online technology is so advanced that is even harder to choose the best solution for your business to return a profit. Is important to work efficient and not lose time with testing and using free trials plans just to discover that it’s not what you need, is incomplete or don’t cover your needs. Social Media plays a crucial role today in your strategies.

If in 2006 I’ve learned which is the best corner to place your ad in the local newsletter, what colors must choose to bring attention and how to create a slogan that inspires your target market, now in 2016 it’s more a software issue. Now we have slogans, logos, colors, fonts, content but we must deliver it, QUICKLY AND EFFICIENT! This is how Social Media works today. Your post is visible 2-4 seconds on your audience timeline. It’s up to you how you take advantage of that to convert into a website visit and a sale.

Choose your direction

Now we have Social Media, digital technology, computers and wireless internet. Ok, and now what? What we must do after all this happens?

Is my ad reaching the right audience? Is my ad published? Where is published? Who sees my promoted Pages? Which channel is the best for my business? How audience reacts on my ads? Will that graphics and statistics bring more customers? Paid or Organic? What should I do with that Facebook Pixel?

For a Social Media specialist, these are the biggest questions when the day starts. Each specialist has his own methods and strategies to deliver the right answers, best results, and great impact. I truly believe that you should hire that Social Media specialist who identifies himself with your company culture and values. Exactly how a salesperson must believe in the product before the sale, also your social media specialist must like your business field, promote your company values and be inspired by your brand.



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