Or … a lesson learned from Speakers Marathon.

Speakers Marathon was the first action of its kind organized in Iasi , which brings together in one place, 16 of the best trainers and coaches in Romania. The event took place on Wednesday and Thursday between the hours 10:00 a.m. – 10 p.m., in Chopin Room, on the second floor of the Palas Mall and was for entrepreneurs, salespeople, small or medium sized companies and students from the faculties of business. 

Among speakers include Iulian Penescu designated in 2010 ” The most popular trainer of the year ” by Business Edu Awards. At Congress Hall, Iulian Penescu gave a speech about the importance and impact of stories in life and business. Personally, I absolutely love this man. The fact that I learned about persuasion in the story and about leadership and influence, makes me feel richer intellectually. A speech combined with best stories, he filled my agenda with valuable information. Perhaps before I knew the importance of stories but now I realized that a story can be told in different ways, that the result is the same, but the impact can be changed. In addition, once again I confirmed myself that I must be more ambitious and I must persevere.
I admit that I needed this experience. Yes, unfortunately I’m the kind of person who if wants something after a while gives up fight. I do not know exactly why. Perhaps because of disappointment, perhaps monotony or lack of confidence in my own forces. But now, when I want to give up, I’ll think of a marathon runner. He, even if is ranked 150 and has still 2 km to go, he never quit! If he did not give up, mean that it has the ambition to move forward, no matter on what place will be. But he gets what aims: to finish the marathon. So, from now, I will try to motivate myself and not give up. Whether I go to a course and I’m already late, I won’t go back home just because I missed the first 15 minutes; or if I must call someone to confirm an order, I won’t postpone until the last moment; or whether I have to go to the doctor for a routine check, I will not avoid with the thought that I only go when I will have serious health reasons. And to finish as does the best trainer of 2010, here is the story :

The story begins like this. A young man get to Heaven. At the Heaven gates, St. Peter told him:

“Your whole life you have done good deeds, you have been a honest and good man. Your place is here”.

The man enters and walks through the Heaven, feels the happiness, the beauty and peace. At some point reaches a door. He opens the door and sees a room full of presents, lots and beautifully packaged. Curiously, he returns to St. Peter and asks:

“Holy Peter, for what is that room full of gifts? Whose are all that?”

St Peter replied:

” Whenever a man wants something and carries out the plan receives a gift. In that room gathered the gifts for all those who gave up before they reach their goal.”

Iulian ended his speech with this story and with the advice: Propose plans to yourself and take them to the end. Never turn around on the road because you never know how close you are to achieving the objective.


Have a Choco-Day !

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