Teaching experience


If at the beginning of this year I argued that I want this year to be in a position to improve my trainer and public speaking skills, there came also an opportunity to fulfill my desire.

Last month I received an email from a teacher who asked me if I would be interested in teaching a course and to be a substitute teacher at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University for 2 days. My first reaction was panic

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My first Business card

At university, at the HRD course, these days we must demonstrate our ‘trainer’ qualities. We choose something that we are very good/skilled and after, we must present it to our colleagues. The important thing is that in the end, to test if what I presented was well understood and to analyze results.

I chose to present: How to create your Business Card. Because I recently attended a course on Personal Branding, I thought it will be nice if I will present to my colleagues what I learned there,

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Goals for 2014

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I begin the year in force. Several papers, some interviews and project presentations.

As I promised, I came back with completing my presentation as a trainer. I did very well. I have been appreciated as a speaker (I do not know that I am like that) and I really have not had any emotions. I like to talk to others about something I know very well. I think I would be a great speaker. I like to communicate, interact with people and get involved in the story. My colleagues were active, participated in my presentation and completed the final test, business card. I also learned some important things about how to organize the speech, what information you provide, and that it is very important to involve all participants without omitting anyone.

This year, I will have few more presentations and I will get more involved in this game to improve my presentation skills and become a speaker. Who knows, perhaps by the end of the year, will have a serious role and I will develop few training sessions to encourage teenagers and students to create their own business cards and how to be prepared before any interview. For the second point, I’m thinking of launching an online website service for students to advise them on improving speech when we present to an interview.

As for my interviews, I’m not looking for a job in a particular department, but I want to find out which side I find myself the most, which is a good fit for creative, marketing, or HR, administrative. If there is a good offer I will not refuse it. I’ve been to internship interviews, a job on HR and something on the marketing-copywriter. On the internship side, I draw some conclusions and I’m no longer interested because looks like they only want you as an individual only for legal fees deductions and they will not let you to do anything representative for your job post.

On the project side I can say it was a tough but beautiful semester. I learned interesting things, I appreciate my teachers and I even have 2 that I admire and I am grateful for what they have been able to teach me. Instead, I would like the projects to be no longer compulsory on teams of 3-4 people. A lot of changes need to be done on education sector but definitely this will not start today.

Take a day of Choco!

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