Goodbye-Summer trip

summer trip mountains

If it’s summer, that means it’s vacation time!

Sometimes you go to the beach, you visit another country, go on a romantic trip to Rome or more adventurer to Atena. You go to the pool side or at the mountain. Or maybe you just visit your parents who live in another city. No matter where you go. More important is how you spend your moments to relax. Even if is the end of summer, almost September, I’ve got some free time to travel and to wrote this article.

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Not a morning person


Something unusual for my lifestyle is: waking up in the morning.

Today I woke up at 8 am. Is not too early in the morning but my body does not really work at this hour. I usually prefer to wake up after 9,10 a.m. . I know people who get up at 6-7 a.m. and are very productive. They even claim that after 2 p.m. don’t feel the same at their job and their brain no longer works so well that in the early morning.

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