Tech-savvy girl

tech-savvy girl chocorcolate


I’ve always been passionate about technology and computers.

I didn’t knew this will transform me into a little tech-savvy girl. Amazfit challenged me to discover a smart application in a pleasant design with a healthy propose. 

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How I Shed Pounds this Fall

shed pounds this fall chocorcolate


A fit body for summer already sounds like a stereotype

Everybody wants to look sexy at the beach and wear that sparkle swimsuit. Well, I’m different. When I want to shed pounds, summer is not my favorite time. I don’t sweat hard for summer. My weight loss journey starts in September. And guess what? We are in September.

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I’m inlove with Social Media and Marketing


I’m in love with Social Media and Marketing.

Yes, I like online environment and every online task. I like when I buy something of good quality and I recommend to others, I like when I find a cute online store and I visit often to see what new products has, I like when I eat in a nice place then I tell my friends to go there.

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Revolutionary mobile apps




It’s pretty hard to find some time to write down some thoughts. I’m a little bit tired now because I slept only 3 hours last night.

I have 3 days since I want to find a mobile app idea. What does the universe need but doesn’t have it already? What should be ? I don’t wanna see more Social Media apps. No, no. Neither something for traffic and flirt. No. Must be something useful for most of us. 

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