Biggest Questions after Social Media



The online technology is so advanced that is even harder to choose the best solution for your business to return a profit. Is important to work efficient and not lose time with testing and using free trials plans just to discover that it’s not what you need, is incomplete or don’t cover your needs. Social Media plays a crucial role today in your strategies.

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I’m inlove with Social Media and Marketing


I’m in love with Social Media and Marketing.

Yes, I like online environment and every online task. I like when I buy something of good quality and I recommend to others, I like when I find a cute online store and I visit often to see what new products has, I like when I eat in a nice place then I tell my friends to go there.

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My Weight loss secrets



I know very well how hard it’s to control your weight. My weight has been oscillating so easily that I can’t imagine what I’ve done wrong. In this article you will NOT read about how to lose weight. You will NOT find the secret to eat more and be skinny. You will NOT find about some magical secrets about food. No, no. But what you will read about? Well… let’s see /read…

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Revolutionary mobile apps




It’s pretty hard to find some time to write down some thoughts. I’m a little bit tired now because I slept only 3 hours last night.

I have 3 days since I want to find a mobile app idea. What does the universe need but doesn’t have it already? What should be ? I don’t wanna see more Social Media apps. No, no. Neither something for traffic and flirt. No. Must be something useful for most of us. 

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