Candies to boost your Start on Social Media

social media tips
Let’s talk a little bit about social media for Startups. Ok, you are at the beginning. You just started your business and already you are over-budget. You have the website ready, your product is waiting to meet your clients, you have a logo and a name but you need a Brand. How will you get to it? How long will take till your start-up will be a brand? What steps you must take to be sure you will not go on a wrong way? Here are few important steps you must follow like candies.

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Summer skin care with body wipes

summer skin care


Having a sensitive skin is not a big problem for me. It’s a simple skin care. I don’t put anything on my skin, I don’t apply any lotion or cream without testing it on a small body part, few weeks and having the certitude that will be something good. The same ritual I’ve done also

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Summer clothing for fitness

fitness apparel ideas

Summer is the hardest part of the year to workout because I don’t like to sweat and being thirsty. If in spring or autumn you can wear a hoodie and leggings, in July definitely you must have something more comfortable on you.

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Destination Fit body with Diet

If your destination is Fit Body, you must choose carefully your airplane and your route. For me, the airplane is Diet and the route is Workout. Food is very important for a trip to weight loss. Which one is more important? Diet or Exercise?

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