What to buy when you miss Paris

Photo by @emlee7

This is quite simple. When you miss Paris you can buy and bring home something that reminds you of the romantic city. I’ve found some great items which can be perfect to buy, fits great in any house, are under $100 and can be also a great Christmas gift for a friend. Here are the most accessible 6 things to buy right now:

    1. An Eiffel Tower Replica – having a small Eiffel Tower into your room can’t be a bad idea. Tip: find one golden and will blend perfectly with your fur white coat.
    2. Roses Mini Candle – have a little flicker of candle light as you enjoy a quiet evening and remember your last year vacation in Paris.
    3. Grafomap custom poster – decor your cozy place with a custom poster. You will never forget those romantic days and your friends will be impressed by your design vision.
    4. NÉROLI & ORCHIDÉE Eau de Toilette – do you remember that perfume which you felt while walking on the Parisian streets? You need that sweet, passion fragrance.
    5. Interior design French magazine or book – even if you decide to redecorate your home or not, you need this type of magazine or book just to sit at your coffee table and admire that French style.
    6. Dana’s Bakery Gift Box – if you want the best gift ever, you never fail with sweets or cookies. A box with macaroons is the best + perfect gift for anyone.


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