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I’ve always been passionate about technology and computers.

I didn’t knew this will transform me into a little tech-savvy girl. Amazfit challenged me to discover a smart application in a pleasant design with a healthy propose. When I was a child, at 7 years old I had my first mobile phone and at 10 I had the first computer, a Pentium III. I always enjoyed installing new applications and discovering how it works. So far I have not had the chance to try any smartwatch or fitness bracelet because I didn’t knew that I need it. I’m a sedentary person, so what steps do I count? I’m always in front of my computer so I can’t miss a notification. Last month I discovered Amazfit. The website itself attracted me because has a stylish, modern, classic and modern look at the same time.

amazit moonbeam activity tracker

Once I received my package I was very curious to discover how it works and how useful it might be in everyday life.

The Amazfit app for Moonbeam tracker is very easy to install and you get the most important information with just a swipe. The connection with the phone is via Bluetooth and this helps enormously to save the phone’s battery. The tracker itself has his own battery and I can charge it with the wireless charger from the package. Once charged, the ceramic tracker has an autonomy up to 10 days and you can see the battery status even on the app.amazfit app iphone 6s

You will never be disconnected!

Even if I turned off my phone for 4 hours, when I opened it, my tracker automatically was synchronized and added all the steps in my app. Wow! That was really great. Also, the Amazfit app keeps records of all the previous data since you synced your device with the ceramic tracker and you can check anytime how many steps have you done last Friday or yesterday. I bet that the company will come with updates and will be more and more functionalities available.

amazfit activity tracker app interface

The steps are metered using a simple but intelligent algorithm.

My boyfriend and I, we both tested this tracker and every day we are increasingly dependent on it. This created a competition between us. In addition to the number of steps, you can also see a statistic of steps per hour. So I saw that I do more steps in the middle of the day when I have to go outside to have some meetings or when I stay home and I do cleaning. My partner makes the most steps in the morning and evening when he leaves or comes back from the office. And has a daily goal option where you can set steps number which will motivate you to walk more. Of course, this challenges us to do more than the other one. So funny but so intelligent.

In the morning we see can who slept more, according to the device’s results, and at the end of the day we compare the number of steps and the distance walked. Yes, this little companion counts sleep hours.

Amazfit equator ceramic tracker tech-savvy girl

How do you sleep?

Being always tired is not a good thing. This happens to me often and I tried to understand why. The smartest thing is that this little guy knows how to make a difference between light sleep and deep sleep. You may ask: why is this so important? Let me explain this to you. I always feel tired in the morning and my partner is always fresh and ready for a new day. I never explained this phenomenon because we go to bed at the same hour and we sleep in the same interval of hours. This tracker helped me understand why was such a big difference between our energy levels. Shows that every night I’m sleeping around 6 hours and 30 minutes, while my boyfriend sleeps 8-9 hours. It seems like I miss two hours either by browsing my phone or by watching a movie. So now I’m more aware of this and when bedtime comes I try to focus more on sleeping and less on Instagram.Amazfit _ Moonbeam Luxury Leather & Ceramic Fitness Tracker


Touch and see

This ceramic device vibrates when you receive phone calls, Skype calls, or WhatsApp notifications. Also, the app’s menu has an option to set up alarms. Your tracker will vibrate lightly on your wrist when the time is up and can be turned off with only a simple touch. It’s a good morning alarm for me. I was so bored to look for a wake-up alarm song that doesn’t have to be annoying and neither too soft. My Amazfit tracker is easy to wear. Is smart and has a lot of functionalities for a tech-savvy girl like me. Beauty merges with technology. An intelligent system in a discreet packaging.

tech-savvy girl accessories

I’m taking this with me everywhere. My Amazfit tracker is easy to wear, is smart, has a minimalist style which goes awesome with any outfit and has a lot of useful functionalities for a tech-savvy girl like me. Beauty merges with technology. An intelligent system in a discreet packaging.


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  1. I’m looking to buy some sort of step tracker and this article is very helpful. Thank you

  2. I like the way you explained all. Good job !

  3. Torrie W. says:

    Is this working also with iOs??