Summer skin care with body wipes

summer skin care


Having a sensitive skin is not a big problem for me. It’s a simple skin care. I don’t put anything on my skin, I don’t apply any lotion or cream without testing it on a small body part, few weeks and having the certitude that will be something good. The same ritual I’ve done also a few weeks ago when I’ve found a brand new product.

How I found the right solution for my skin.

Three years ago I’ve had a small accident on my left foot. Nothing serious. Only I pulled a gate and I caught my foot under it. The ligament was affected, but I only had a few scratches and bruises. Ok. Now, after 3 years, my ankle skin from that foot, becomes darker and very harsh, with many wrinkles. Looks like an aging skin. I started looking online for a skin lotion to start treating that part. Surfing the internet, I’ve found this website which caught my attention.

oila beauty body wipes

What can be better than one body lotion with anti-aging properties? A: Body wipes with Shea Butter, in cute small sachets and with beauty elements in it. I always forget to take with me cream, lotion and I don’t have space in my bag for everything. Even if we have big bags, we only take the essentials with us, right ladies? Oil-a knows this better so they created perfect body wipes, for skin.

I started a beauty treatment with Le Karite for my ankles, elbows, and knees. Oil-a Shea Butter body wipes work as a natural Vitamin A cream and is super moisturizer, with exceptional healing properties for the skin. I’ve already used 4 sachets, each one every night before sleep and I already see the results in the morning. My ankle skin is no more so dry and becomes to regain the smooth texture.

beauty skin care

The good one comes in part 2.

Le Coco is my favorite when is about smooth hands and to hydrate my skin. The smell of the coconut is very mild and I like it. I use one body wipe every day after I shower, and my skin is so incredibly soft after only 4 sachets. My favorite thing about this Le Coco (for Corco) though is that I can use it on my face as well as my body.

summer essentials

I think now I can get rid of all the serums, creams, primers, etc because these body wipes are perfect to cover all my skin needs and I can take it with me anywhere. This summer I’m ready to have a beautiful skin because with Oil-a I will keep my skin looking smooth, young and fresh, even if I’m over-exposed to sunlight. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


Have a Coco-day!


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  1. Love those products. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Sylvia Praise says:

    Original idea

  3. For combination skin which one is better??

  4. I like the idea regarding using those for travel days. Very helpful tips