My Wish list



I’ve decided to create my own wish-list here and follow it

1. Nutribullet blender

I love all the smoothies from Instagram and I would love to try some recipes. Must save money and buy a blender for my healthy protein juices. I don’t know exatcly what to choose from these two: Magic Bullet Nutribullet and Heinner OptiMix Plus 650. Please leave in comments if you have any suggestions for me.

2. Fitness bracelet

I don’t do very much activity daily so a fitness bracelet definitely will motivate me to take a walk or go to shopping without the car. Best fitness bracelet on market is Fitbit and it’s around 100$-150$. I don’t know if I need something so expensive based on the fact that I’m not such an active person and I just want to motivate myself to walk more. That’s way, for my first fitness watch I can choose something more cheaper. For this I have 3 options: Xiaomi MyBand 1 or Mykronoz ZeFit 3. I really don’t have any experience using this type of gadget and will be very helpful if you will tell me about your experience with fitness smartwatches.



3. Water bottle with water intake Tracker

I don’t drink enough water. I forget to drink water and I forget to refill my water glass. I’d love to have something like that to remind me my goals.


4. 2 sport Bras

I know that if you’re doing exercise without a sports bra you will be damaging your breasts for good. I have already some but I want new ones to raise up my motivation wearing some new sport outfit.

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