My First post

Yes ! I am a proud owner of a personal blog. Finally. I think passed almost two years since I struggled to find a name for this blog. This morning I had inspiration. Oh , yes! For two years, I had all kind of themes and topics in my mind that I wanted to write about, and of course, most of them I’ve already forgotten. Therefore I will use this blog. All the names that I will use in future postings will be fictional , to not involving the public image of somebody. Why this blog is it called Chocorcolate ? Well, I had a few options but they were all taken so .. I thought to use what I love most: chocolate (any kind but NOT with raisins ) . The combination between my nickname and the word “chocolate” = an o-ri-gi-nal name for my blog ! It is ?

I am Corco. Why am I here? Well let’s see: I have many ideas, inspiration (some mornings) and .. some free time. I write both in Romanian and in English. Do not speak English at the advanced level but I’m a little begginer. You will ask: why do you write in English? My answer is: for several reasons:

  1. Because English is an international language, I want everyone to read my upcoming stories and I want to make friends all over the world.
  2. I want to receive everyone’s opinion in what I write on this blog and I want to receive advices, praises or criticism, and I want you all to participate in this.
  3. I want to practice my English writing level. I will make grammatical mistakes, I will write words without meaning, but I want you to understand me and correct me.
  4. This blog is for all, regardless of country, nationality or religion. No discrimination!

Some words about me. I’m a entry-level copywriter, I want a bright career in future, over two years I will have a master degree, I want to open my own business, I’m punctual, creative, I have a stable relationship, I love dogs and I’m part of owners of dogs Shih Tzu group, I relax when I read books, I like to talk with smart people, I prefer exchanging messages or emails instead of talking on the phone, I love to  linger in the morning, I don’t eat much but never I refuse a chocolate, I’m a dreamer,  I have a driving license but I don’t drive ( I’m panicked in traffic), my favorite season is autumn, I do not like clubs, I prefer mountain, I choose clothes in that I feel good and not those that are fashionable, I’m stingy and sometimes too friendly.148-Free-Clipart-Illustrations-Of-Decorative-Botanical-Vine

I guess that’s enough for today.
I’ll be back soon with other stories.

Have a Choco-day!

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