London trip

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This summer I traveled for the first time out of Romania. This summer I visited London for a few weeks. My first flight was the most difficult step for me to make. 4 months before departure we bought tickets from Tarom Company and by then I have not had a day without thinking to my flying fear, my fear to be so up and fear of ruin the whole holiday because of my phobia. I was afraid that I will feel bad and I will hate that experience.

I was close to tears when I handed the ticket to boarding, my knees trembled when I walked on the airplane scale, I trembled when I was at the window seat and I full lived the first takeoff moments.

I felt an emptiness in the stomach for several minutes, then … everything was great. It was a unique feeling. I can say that I no longer have any fear of flight and when I flew back from England, I lived fully every second. Also I was impressed by the Tarom Company services. Certainly, Iasi airport is tiny compared to Luton airport.

In London I did not really find what I expected. The weather was not gloomy. It was sunshine, hot weather and good weather. London is full of immigrants. London is not populated by original Englishmen. All people speak a bad english language, people live in communities, bringing their customs in this country and I didn’t saw the true Englishmen than in Zone 1 or far far away from the city, on remote areas and properties of dozens of hectares.

I lived full tourist experience, I visited impressive places, I saw how is the Romanians life living in London, I found out how expensive it is to travel daily by bus or tub to the center of the city and more more other things. What I saw in London:

I first saw what means a real highway with four lanes in the running;
– In Tesco (like our Kaufland supermarket) I found many things that in our market does not exist yet, eg Snickers Milkshake;
– I saw the aristocrats and the butlers that open the entrance door of a luxury hotel;
– I saw the butlers of luxury shops;
– I saw the famous Praga, Gucci shops, where from the entrance you are served with champagne and instead of prices you will see the message: “We accept only Visa / Mastercard …”;
– I have experienced and felt the “shopping spree” at stores by the Oxford Circus street and I saw a dozen queues from the dressing room; (girls doing shopping with bags full of clothes on Oxford Circus street);
– their bazaars are called BootSales and I saw Romanian people who sell stolen phones at prices charged also in shops,
– I saw at Boot Sales, Englishmen who sold original Marks and Spencer or Zara used clothes at 3 pounds;
– I ate traditional food of different cultures;
– I tried almost all types of seafood;
– I’ve seen small towns besides London where only aristocrats live there;
– I went to the ocean, in Southend on Sea and I saw how in the morning the water is fixed near the cliff and after 4 p.m. it withdraw miles away from the seafront, leaving behind boats caught in the sand;

When I remember that two years ago I wanted to move in London permanently, I laugh. I could have made the mistake of moving to a place I didn’t know at all, where rent is half of a paycheck and the rest is spent on clothes and food, a “normal” way of life for those who are already there. However, if we were to move there, the only neighborhood that I liked very much and I want to live, is near Victoria and Albert Museum on Exhibition Road. Perhaps their rent is about 2,000 pounds / week, meaning that I would need a salary of 10,000 pounds/month. Oh and not to mention that we should take into account the high taxes they have to reach the government about 40% of salary.

Was a wonderful vacation and we will visit London again but just to do shopping or to see gothic buildings and beautiful parks.

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