Happy New Goals


Because the new year starts now, I felt like I need to write some of my New Year thoughts.
2014 was a full good year and 2015 has a bright start. I got a Canon DSLR camera (thank you Santa) and this year I will invest more time for my hobby. My job in Social Media works very well and also I got a new task with some statistics and analytics (more to learn, happier). 

In the last days of the last year I put new clothes on my old website and in the first days of this year I created my own Pinterest account, to publish my creative photographic art.

In the first part of the year (until July) I will get my MBA, in summer I will spend my vacation in another country from Europe and the second part of the year I will concentrate all my power and resources to start my own business.

Day 3/365 is here. Start loading . . .

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