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If it’s summer, that means it’s vacation time!

Sometimes you go to the beach, you visit another country, go on a romantic trip to Rome or more adventurer to Atena. You go to the pool side or at the mountain. Or maybe you just visit your parents who live in another city. No matter where you go. More important is how you spend your moments to relax. Even if is the end of summer, almost September, I’ve got some free time to travel and to wrote this article.

mountain landscape

Did you know that vacation word looks the same in many languages? English: vacation, France: vacances, Spanish: vacaciones, Dutch: vakantie , Hungarian: vakáció, Romanian: vacanta, Italian: vacanza, Maltese: Vaganza. The word origins is from Latin : vacans which means: free. That’s why vacation is about your free time, moments with no rules and schedule. The perfect time for you to enjoy any activities without stress and problems.

serpentine road trip

For me, vacation means: myself + my partner + a quiet place.

No traffic, no internet, no laptops, no tasks, no morning alarm. Every time we choose a different place to visit. I take care of all the details: book the room, decide the route, make a list with all the things we should visit there and I set the budget.

One of the best parts is when my partner is driving us to the new destination and I take a ton of pics, I enjoy the view. Also I use to sing every song which the radio plays and everytime I get a little bit dizzy because of the serpentine roads. The road gave us magical landscapes and you can really enjoy the fresh air and peace. If someday you will have a trip in north-eastern Romania, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will recommend the best places which you should don’t miss.

road trip with car chocorcolate

This summer we decided to have a 2 days trip to a nice region from our country. The city is recognized as a most beautiful ski resort in the Carpathian Mountains, one of the oldest resorts in Romania. We are non-skiers but we love to visit the mountain cities. Particularly in summer because everything is green, clean, fresh air. We enjoy watching the high mountain peaks and feeling the weather which is nice warm at noon and chilly good at night. Also in this areas, in summer the tourists are more quiet people, most of them seniors over 50’s. You can see them walking holding hands, making you dreaming how you and your partner will be over years, looking the same.

welcome village excursion

Vatra Dornei is a small city but with a big heart.

We were impressed by its peacefulness and good harmony with flowers and small streets. Has a huge central park where you can spend delightful moments, enjoy a delicious ice cream, or laying on the grass. If you visit this city, in summer there are not many activities you can do. But it’s the best if you look for a quiet place just to relax, to meditate and to contemplate the nature and feel the fresh air. You can make a mountain trail, walk into the park or spend time on the streets and terraces. For accommodation, there are many places where you can stay. In the center of the city are restaurants where you can eat very well and in the evening you can relax with a drink and a wonderful mountain view.



I booked our room at Belvedere Hotel one month ago throw During this period there are a lot of people looking for mountain destinations and they are planning their vacation. I was lucky and I found a room for us, at a good price. It was easy to find the destination because we used Google Maps which directed us to the exact location. The hotel’s building is impressive. There is a poster announcing that the poet Lucian Blaga built it in 1936.

The interior of the building is very majestic, luxury, with wooden stairs, fine details and expensive carpets. This hotel also has a lift, a restaurant and a lovely lounge. I like wooden stairs because it offers an antic, ancient and valuable experience. Also, the wood has a specific smell that makes you feel comfortable, as if you were in a chic mountain cottage.

Room 301

Our room was spacious, had a king size bed, a leather sofa, a cozy dining table with 2 chairs, a plasma TV. We had a mini fridge loaded with drinks, juices and snacks, and a generous balcony. The colors in the room were warm, a shade playing between orange, brown and yellow. Besides the balcony, I also had a spacious bathroom with jacuzzi, white and fluffy towels, soaps and shower gel. A fully equipped bathroom in my opinion. The cleanliness, the room-service, and the comfort were on high level.

How beautiful was to sit there on the balcony and listening to the silence. Silence may be golden, don’t you think? After months of hard work, discussions, meetings and urgent tasks, sitting there few minutes in front of the wild forest, are the most beautiful moments. To relax you do not need luxury destinations or vacations far far away. For a few moments, forget about everything that surrounds you. Take a deep breath, empty your mind, close your eyes and listen to your heart beats.

The balcony was my favorite place to enjoy a cup of coffee every morning. A place where we could admire the landscape, take unforgettable pictures, see the green forest, and feel the air with our lungs that were squeezed by the pollution of the big cities. Is stretched across the length of the room and the bathroom, long and wrapped in wood. From there you could see a good part of the city and the surrounding mountains.

Refinding myself.

A part of me remained there in that balcony. I felt the peace, the silence and the happiness of our vacation. I never knew that a small town can give you so much in so little time. Simple combined colors create a so good vibe, give you a relaxing feeling and help you feel comfortable.

I had only 2 days of vacation but I felt like beeing 10 days. The batteries were recharged. I warmly recommend Hotel Belvedere. It was the right place where we created new memories and ended a year of work with a well-deserved vacation. If you are planning a vacation in Romania, and you are interested in this region, do not hesitate to visit Vatra Dornei with a one-two nights accommodation here. The hotel has its own website or you can make a direct reservation if you click here.

What do you do to recover your energy, to treat yourself after 1 year of hard work and where do you go to relax?

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