Goal setting for happiness


I’m happy. Yes, I’m happy because my plans gradually are being fulfilled. Or should I say : I do them. With my boyfriend we bought a land, in a future residential neighborhood, I successfully passed the first year of Human Resources Master and I received the first place for my results, I changed my laptop and it’s one for business, I worked in freelancing and I learned new things every day.

I hope that by the end of this year to fulfill my new dreams. I want to get a professional DSLR camera for beginners. For long time I have an inclination towards art, photography, but I never thought that one day I will invest money in this hobby. Yes, I want to purchase a DSLR camera, second-hand and I will try different frames. Maybe Santa Claus will bring me this gift..

Now I’m in my second year of my Human Resources Master, I don’t know how easy or hard it will be but I hope to get safely to my Master Degree in HR and, in the meantime, I decide if I want to do PhD. In my career plan is written a beautiful future that it takes hard work and commitment. HR, Marketing and IT, whatever domain I will choose, I have to work hardly. I also want to learn French, on my own, even at intermediate level. That’s a real challenge :)))

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