My Bitter-Sweet Breakfast Treat

Every new season comes with his own habits for me. Here is a marmalade lover! Isn’t breakfast the most fun meal of the day? Has so many colors, different tastes and can be a full sweet package without feeling guilty. Which are the ingredients for a perfect breakfast treat? Something sweet, something hot and something white. This formula combines all my breakfast favorites. Have you ever tried Orange Marmalade? Is deliciously sweet and bitter. So perfect for a fancy flavored morning treat.

This is how I visualize my perfect morning. Something hot will be always coffee and till my coffee is ready, I come with something white like slices of bread, 3-4 butter biscuits or in this case: cheesecake. To complete the magic, I add something sweet: Mrs. Bridges. If you haven’t, you should definitely try it: top with marmalade. I love using marmalade in desserts and this time I am sneaking it with coffee for breakfast.

Like love, breakfast is best when made at home. Exactly how my grandmother thought me since I was a child. She always made delicious preserves and marmalades for our family, and she never revealed her secrets. I remember how we used to start the day. The joys of those beautiful mornings and the memory it triggers in me – days of soft white bread, slathered with butter and topped with plenty of home-made marmalade.

Hope I will learn someday how to do preserving and marmalade, just how Grandma used to do it. Till then I’m lucky to have amazing products like Mrs Bridges The Dundee Orange Marmalade and delicious Strawberry Preserve jar. Wanna know what’s awesome at Mrs. Bridget’s ? They have a great taste for sweetness and have a lot of variants. I eat mines with anything: biscuits, cupcakes, bread and even with cereals.

Best idea is to buy a Breakfast collection and you will have different marmalade for days. For me, a beautiful day starts like this and helps me to gather all the positivity and energy for a long day. Jars like this I will always have in my kitchen and be ready to prepare your spoon because no boss-babe breakfast table is ever complete without a jar of delicious marmalade.



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