2016 Plans



I just reread my plans for 2015 and I can see that 90% of it I completed and I realized some things that were not in my 2015 plan. For instance, I finished my MBA, with A + grade. This is an achievement for me. Because of the lack of financial resources, I haven’t visited another European country this year but I was able to go in some awesome places, here close, to the mountain. I climbed the mountain (1648 M altitude) and I spent there wonderful moments with my boyfriend.
I had a lot of work this year, finishing my master degree but also working independently as a freelancer and as a virtual assistant. I peeked on Pinterest and unfortunately I saw that I haven’t added much photos taken by me. For 2016 I Hope I will have more free time to take good shoots with my Canon DSLR (because that’s my hobby) and we will start construction works at my future house. As I am closer to September 2016, I get more excited and emotional.

Among other thoughts, I want to start again a diet to lose weight, about 10 kg (22 lbs). I have plenty of motivation. More difficult will be with the home workout and fitness, that’s what I hate.
Meanwhile I’m hanging out with freelancing, research and study, to make quality work  and bring success to my clients. My first goal is that my daily work to show direct results on businesses for who I work now, to have a large impact on Social Media and develop more and more on market. A happy boss means happy employees, right? 🙂

FotoCredit: sophiameola.co.uk


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