Put love in your diet plan

love diet plan

New year comes with a lot of new plans and also we have to put love in a new diet plan. Fitness is about your body, so about all the organs, not only about legs, belly and arms. Include also the heart. Put heart and feelings because you must care about next steps. If you’re like me,  a “I will start Monday” person, then you know January it’s our best month to start. Loving yourself must be our first goal. Let’s find the easiest way to include love into this plan.

Food: think about your you love to eat and add small quantities weekly.

Don’t focus on diet plan : Make a cheating plan with what you like most.

Mobile: use technology in your own interest. You can buy an amazing steps tracker bracelet or smartwatch to celebrate each small success and to count calories. Here you can see my favorite accessory.

Exercise: Make a list of what type of exercise you like more and schedule it x 5 for each day. Let’s get busy 20 minutes per day. For suggestions, I use apps like MyFitnessPal.


Happy 2019 !


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