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I know very well how hard it’s to control your weight. My weight has been oscillating so easily that I can’t imagine what I’ve done wrong. In this article you will NOT read about how to lose weight. You will NOT find the secret to eat more and be skinny. You will NOT find about some magical secrets about food. No, no. But what you will read about? Well… let’s see /read…

Some “technical” details: I’m 5’3 , 27 years old , I live in a small studio where I have a small fridge and an induction hob (so I don’t have an oven). Four years ago I was on Dukan diet and I was 142 lbs. Then I’ve lost 6 kilos in 5 months. The most difficult part was to understand how the diet works and how to plan my meals. I’ve lost hours and days looking for a Dukan diet Guide and understand how it works. Was hard to eat only protein and vegetables but it was worth it. Was hard for me to keep up because and all I ate was boiled chicken, boiled fish, boiled or fresh vegetables.

I’m carbs addicted

You can keep me starving all day long but I’m happy if you give me sandwiches. I love baked homemade warm bread. I think this is because my parents all their lives worked as bakers and every night we had warm bread at home. The bad thing is that after I broke up with my diet, I gained all 6 kilos in only 2 months. Was so frustrating for me. Ok, also I was expected that to happen because I never done any type of exercises during my Dukan diet and after i quit I broke all the rules by eating only fast food.

Eight months ago I decided that I don’t like my body anymore and I want to change my lifestyle. Ladies !!!! when you want to lose weight, don’t do the mistake to do it for boyfriend or just because you put your stupid ambition to prove someone’s that are wrong when they say you’re fat. This is a no-no. Do it for you ! Only for you. Be as you love to be. Choose a lifestyle not a punishment!

I’ve decided to change my mornings. Till then I was not a morning person, I used to get up from bed after 10 a.m. , eating pizza/fast food during the day , sodas, chocolate, sedentary life with all day long in front of my computer doing my job. My New start involved: wake up at 8 a.m. , do at least 10 minutes of exercising, eating only foods with low carbs, no sugar, no fat.

New challenge

A month after I grab me seriously a new lifestyle, I’ve e-met Christie Cash. She is a magical person who made me to discover great things about weight loss, workouts and healthy lifestyle. Christie is IFBB Bikini Pro and Certified Personal Trainer.

Now I wake up early in the morning, I never skip my daily workout (15-20 minutes/day) and I’m very careful with what I eat. Also when I feel I lose my energy I use to take some supplements to tone up my metabolism , suppress my appetite and I don’t care what is my weight. And all this seams to work. I don’t check my weight as I’ve done in the past and now I’m more happy.


Why it’s better not to check your weight daily? In this way you are not discouraged by anything. Bye bye depression and you don’t become overconfident starting to cheat with various rewards. You don’t know if your weight it’s higher or lower. You only know that you have a perfect healthy lifestyle and you enjoy it.

So, the secret it’s to eat healthy, drink water, take supplements, be in a group with people with same interests and never skip your daily workout.

I’ve lost weight ( I don’t count numbers; I think I’m around 127 lbs), I’m more positive every day, I have more energy, I move easier, the clothes fit me, I don’t have difficulty climbing stairs or carrying shopping from the car to the house.





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