How I Shed Pounds this Fall

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A fit body for summer already sounds like a stereotype

Everybody wants to look sexy at the beach and wear that sparkle swimsuit. Well, I’m different. When I want to shed pounds, summer is not my favorite time. I don’t sweat hard for summer. My weight loss journey starts in September. And guess what? We are in September.

Let the fun begin. After a long hot summer season, I take from closet my fitness accessories and I’m doing my workout schedule. 2-3 tank tops, 2 dumbells and my fitness pad, is everything I need to start seeing the results after few weeks. I welcome fall with new goals, new perspective, and new eating habit. If you want to see how was my weight loss journey last year please click here.

Good food for good journey

The second step is to clean all the junk food from my studio. On my grocery list it will be: eggs, milk, oatmeal flour, chicken breast, chicken wings, fresh fish, apples, plums, 2 watermelons and healthy bars. For first ingredients, I can easily find combinations to do a comestible food and fruits are every day a quick solution. My snack bars are like “the cake for a birthday party”. That means the snack bars are a delicious post-workout treat and a motivator to do the full set of exercises. I have a rule for myself: If I don’t work out in a day, I don’t receive my snack.

kind snacks uk healthy

Always I wanted to discover that type of snack with low calories, high in fiber and healthy to sustain my goals. I recently opened my first box of Kind Snacks and I had in front of me the perfect treat for 1 full week. Delicious! First time I’ve tried the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate & Cherry Cashew flavors and love them! Not only are they very tasty, but they work well at keeping my hunger away.

A sweet and salty blend of almonds, peanuts, walnuts and a sprinkle of sea salt, bound together with a touch of honey and drizzled in chocolate.

coconut post-workout snack


Chocolate it’s like Chocorcolate

I’m a huge chocolate fan and I never thought I will find something to help me replace it in my menu. My Kind Snacks made me change my mind because are covered with honey and dark chocolate. Now I can get my sweet fix without the guilt or weight gain. These snacks are delicious and help me skip the unhealthy sweets, cookies, and dessert. I have more: I know that nuts are extremely healthy because they are full of nutrients and antioxidants, but I never know how many nuts are too many. If that isn’t bad enough, eating too much can causing gas and bloating. I got you! You can forget about counting nuts or almonds, because each Kind bar has the right amount for you!

weightloss kindsnacks uk

Even when I was at my cousin’s wedding, I hide 2 Kind bars in my purse to have it everywhere and to skip all the unhealthy cookies. Is a small clutch but big enough to bring my phone, my keys and 2 snacks. I had with me 2 awesome flavors: Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond. Besides my golden and sparkly jewels, the night was conquered by these Kind babies. Of course, my bestie wanted so much to try one that I was forced to give up. She is very committed with her healthy lifestyle, wants only healthy snacks, no sugar and gluten-free. This was the perfect moment to share with her my Kind bars.

Having those snacks, my fitness goals are easy to achieve. Not to mention that I’ve lost 8 lbs in 1 week.  Now I have the motivation to complete my set of workouts, I do my exercises every day, I eat healthily, I have a snack to fill me up with energy & high fiber and I have the reason to share this with my friends on Instagram. Definitely try them if you haven’t yet.


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