Destination Fit body with Diet

If your destination is Fit Body, you must choose carefully your airplane and your route. For me, the airplane is Diet and the route is Workout. Food is very important for a trip to weight loss. Which one is more important? Diet or Exercise?

More Diet or Harder Exercises?

I totally believe that the diet is 70% and the exercise is 30%. Believe me, in my experience you can lose weight even if you only work 5 minutes a day. You will not be FIT overnight, but you will see some changes when you weigh. More important is eating well. When I was in the Dukan diet, I was very careful with my diet plan, and I got rid of 20 lbs without hard exercises, just with 10 minutes walking per day. Now I work very hard, 20 minutes a day, but because I eat unhealthy food, that’s useless.

For me it’s very hard to keep up with a diet because I don’t cook, my boyfriend doesn’t have so much free time to cook daily, so we both choose to order food. In my country, to eat healthy food is expensive. I don’t know how is in USA to have a healthy lifestyle but here in Romania, you must spend a lot of money and TIME to eat only diet food. The main problem is that you don’t have many options. You must buy ingredients and meat from Carrefour and cook it by yourself. We don’t have any restaurant or catering with diet food, smoothies, salads, or vegan food. Most of the restaurant have only pizza, pork and chicken wings in the menu. Nothing good for people with specific diet!

Becomes harder

Besides that, imagine yourself in a 24-square-meter studio on the top floor when the summer is very hot because the roof sheet is warming up. How will you be cooking then? Hell, believe me. Let’s say that with an AC, I resolve this problem. Okay, the other problem is, I do not have a furnace. I know how healthy and delicious roasted food are made in the oven. Because of the lack of space, we only have an induction hob. Healthy will be only boiled water, boiled meat and vegetables. I can keep up with this only 4 days/week, but I still have 3 more days when I give up and I order junk food. Even if I eat only a meal a day, I work a lot and my body needs fuel. At that moment I order something more consistent, and this habit makes my journey so difficult. Makes no difference if you eat Greek yogurt with strawberries, walnuts, salad and boiled meat 4 days / week if you alternate with another 3 days when you eat pizza, KFC, MC and pasta. This makes my training very difficult and impossible. I sweat a lot, I lose my strength, I do not have the strength to finish a set and makes me crave sweets.

Track your success.

Being in this situation, I try to do the best to keep my weight, to do more exercises and take care of the calories amount which I ingest. To count my calories I use MyFitnessPal app . I like that app because has a lot of options to scan the barcode of your food, to insert new products and they count the calories which you burn during your exercises. Now, my daily goal is 1200 calories and do exercises to burn 70 calories/day. Join me there and let’s discuss more about how to do this journey more easier and share exercises.


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