About me


Hi there ! My name is Cody and I’m 28 years old. I began my blog few years ago because I love to share my experience about work, love and life in general.

There is a meaning behind everything. Rather it’s developing an eBook for a “woman in need for love” or creating marketing content for an e-commerce company, my principles always guide me to believe in an honest relationship between client and consultant. Listening, understanding and learning are key components that have made my work successful. I love to turn that unique quality into visual communication. My passion to learn everything about anything helps me enjoy a wide-range of opportunities.

How important is the commitment ? This is my full-time job and I love to get involved in long-term projects. The first year of your relationship or at your workplace can clue you into how your relationship is and how far you will go. I believe in true love, successful projects and I work with passion.