Happy New Goals


Because the new year starts now, I felt like I need to write some of my New Year thoughts.
2014 was a full good year and 2015 has a bright start. I got a Canon DSLR camera (thank you Santa) and this year I will invest more time for my hobby. My job in Social Media works very well and also I got a new task with some statistics and analytics (more to learn, happier). 

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It’s a relaxing day. I do not have much to do and I’m looking for some ideas for next year’s vacation. I also care about the thought of starting the dissertation and doing a HR internship.

Quote of the day: The Pessimist sees difficulties in any opportunity. The optimist finds opportunities in any difficulty. – Winston Churchill

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Goal setting for happiness


I’m happy. Yes, I’m happy because my plans gradually are being fulfilled. Or should I say : I do them. With my boyfriend we bought a land, in a future residential neighborhood, I successfully passed the first year of Human Resources Master and I received the first place for my results, I changed my laptop and it’s one for business, I worked in freelancing and I learned new things every day.

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I want to boast a new book added to my library. I am very proud of the choice made. It’s not really the new version, but it’s still the 10th Business Research Methods Edition written by Donald Cooper and Pamela Schindler. Because I am passionate about research and statistics, I can not miss this book.

I do not know if I will ever have the opportunity to do high research or to have a job in this area, but I wanted this book very much.

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